Sid Dickens Family Collection

March 27, 2015

Sid Dickens has added a family collection of tiles this Spring. The Mom tile states “For all you gave, you’re a part of me, you are my heart, my home.” The Dad tile is titled King of the Forest and states “Wise one, standing tall, one to look up to, to care for us all.” We adore these tiles and they will make the perfect gift for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Setting the Holiday Scene

November 14, 2014

Just like that, fall flew by and winter’s here. The calendar doesn’t say so, but the weather does, and so does our store. We’ve decked our halls with décor fitting for nature enthusiasts and traditional types alike—whimsical ones, too. Here’s a sampling of our holiday selection.

One of our themes this year is antlers.


For the Scandinavian types, this cute gnome-like character adds whimsy to the season.


A tile from this year's Sid Dickens holiday collection evokes Christmases past.


We haven’t forgotten the ornaments.


So cute! Even the fox knows—check out his grin.

Stay tuned for other fun pics! Better yet, stop in and see for yourself. We look forward to seeing you soon. We’re ready to help you get ready this holiday season.

Annual Dog Days of Summer Sale!

August 20, 2014

Join us for our Annual Dog Days of Summer Sale! We are offering you 30% off everything in the store and online from August 21, 22 and 23. Let us inspire you with fabulous treasures! We have a great assortment of garden statuary, pottery, air plants, candles, French linens, vases, botanicals, wall hangings, plants, garden art and jewelry. Just a few samples of our offerings. Sid Dickens tiles are excluded from the sale. We would love to see or hear from you!

Do Ants Have Ears?

August 10, 2014

After I closed Twiggs Saturday night, Jake and I strolled down Linden Hills Boulevard. We walked by this darling little boy eating a sandwich on his porch with his dad; suddenly he asked his dad if ants have ears! What a curious question! His dad told his son that he didn’t think ants had ears, but they could still hear. That answer wasn’t good enough for his son, he wanted to know how ants could hear if they didn’t have ears! Well the conversation continued for awhile, with the dad finally convincing his son that ants can hear. No evidence was ever presented regarding how ants hear, but the little boy was satisfied for now that yes, ants can hear! Sometimes experiencing a simple conversation about life can be so rewarding! I chuckled and smiled all night, and wondered if ants really do have ears!





Loving Talliandsias!

August 5, 2014

These bizarre looking plants come from the family of flora, Bromeliacea, or more commonly referred to as Bromeliads. The bromeliad family includes a wide range of plants such as the pineapple and Spanish moss. The bromeliad genus, Tillandsia, is named after a Finnish physician/botanist, Elias Tillands (d. 1693). Tillandsias are mainly epiphytic (able to grow without soil) and there are over 600 varieties. Tillandsias are considered true air plants. They vary in size, shape and texture. Beautiful blooms are another remarkable feature of these plants. During or after blooming, tillandsias produce anywhere from one to a dozen  baby plants called offshoots or pups. Most pups mature to adult size in about a year. The parent plant usually dies over the space of a generation or two, and the cycle continues!

Tillandsias do not require much care. Find a bright location with good air circulation in your home. You should totally submerge your tillandsia in water every other week, and mist periodically. With those few requirements, your “tilly” will give you years of enjoyment!



Hippity Hoppity

April 12, 2014

Spring has arrived. Temperatures are up, robins are flitting here and there and crocuses are inching skyward with their much-welcomed greenery.

With spring’s arrival, Easter is near. This year, it’s on April 20—next weekend! And we have items ranging from cute to pretty to nature-inspired that will add a spring-y, Easter flare to your décor.

Bunnies in an assortment of sizes are ready for spring.

Peter Cottontail adorns an egg painted in Austria.

Pretty Austrian eggs hang from a favorite metal tree in our front display.

More designs from our collection of Austrian Easter eggs.

This nest with eggs is such a nice reminder of spring.

Easter and spring combine in these cute bunnies who are ready to do some planting.

Visit us in person or at our online store for some lovely additions to your holiday festivities. And whatever your plans next weekend, we wish you a happy Easter.


April 8, 2014

Right now, in Minnesota, there seems no better word than spring. After what has felt like an eternity for many residents, spring finally seems to have arrived. The season technically started last month, of course, but Mother Nature has taken a few weeks to catch up.

The masses are emerging, eagerly circling the local lakes’ miles of paths. Many folks are sans jacket. Some are clad in shorts. And who can blame them? With so many days of record-low temperatures in such recent memory and an early-April dump of snow, any temperature higher than 40 degrees pretty much feels like summer.

Purple pansies

Pansies are an early-season favorite and a beloved sign of spring’s arrival.

And you know what spring means? That’s right: gardening. We can put the dreams and plans we’ve mulled over since last fall into action. We don’t have to just think about gardening, we can start gardening.

So, dig out your pots and tools, and let’s give a collective woo-hoo! Welcome, spring. We’re so glad you’re here.

Best Wishes for a Happy Year

January 8, 2014

Happy New Year! It’s amazing how quickly time flies. The holidays seem to have come and gone in the blink of an eye. Thanks to all of you who shopped Twiggs for the holidays—and any day. We’re so happy to have the customers we do. We appreciate your business. And we enjoy offering items to brighten your home or garden.

Speaking of which, Beth is heading to Atlanta this week. She’s going to the big market there to hunt for treasures. We’ll keep you posted on her fabulous finds.

As we rapidly head into the middle of January (already!), we at Twiggs Home & Garden wish you the best. May you have happy year. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Holiday 2013

November 9, 2013

It’s that time of year again. The months have flown by, and we’re rapidly heading into the holiday season. And we’re kicking it off with our annual holiday open house.

Festive foxes festooned our open house postcard.

We were busy this week, arranging, moving, placing things just so, bringing some items up from the basement and taking others down. Here are some snapshots of the store dressed for the holidays.

Our front table is awash in mauve, silver and white.

Silver reindeer are ready to add sparkle to your holiday display.

Some of our lovely ornaments

Owl and glass ornaments

Pretty painted pots by a local artist—they make a great home for paperwhite bulbs.

                          The artist who makes our pretty pots also makes these special stamped tags.

We have Santas big and small.

It's a herd of Santas!

An adorable tomte tops a shelf.

A bevy of bells in a variety of sizes await in a big basket.

Kitchen towels and hand soap make a great gift.

This cute bird is festive and fun.

Check out our pretty tree in red.

Candles in wonderful winter white

Beth dressed up the outdoor pots with holiday fabulousness.


Fun Fall Finds

September 18, 2013

It’s amazing how quickly time flies. We’re already well into September. As we head into autumn, we have several fun fall finds.

These autumnal delights are part of our main display.

Nothing says fall like gourds.

And while it may be too early for many of you to even think about Halloween, we just have to share a couple of items to celebrate that holiday.

These happy little jack-o'-lanterns are bells strung together to make a garland.

Crows and owls have settled into our main display.

The owls' eyes light up!

It can be hard to say good-bye to summer, but such fun finds help make it easier. Stop in soon to see these items and more. We look forward to seeing you.

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